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23 . 10 . 2019 by Manny Golasa

Boot Camp

Operation Endure is a 4 week boot camp that focuses on the whole package: Relative strength, power, stamina and speed. In this high-intensity circuit training, time is your adversary, making the spectrum suitable from beginners to advanced. In the gym or outdoors, we utilize both traditional and non-traditional equipment. From dumb bells to sandbags, barbells […]

18 . 01 . 2018 by tbkconsulting


Low impact, fun, yet challenging full-body workout that incorporates Pilates, yoga, and ballet inspired exercises utilizing the ballet barre. This is a 60 minute class focusing mainly on small isolated movements that will strengthen, tone, and lengthen your muscles, improve posture and core stability, increase flexibility, and burn fat. This is a multi-level fitness class […]