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23 . 10 . 2019 by Manny Golasa

Boot Camp

Operation Endure is a 4 week boot camp that focuses on the whole package: Relative strength, power, stamina and speed. In this high-intensity circuit training, time is your adversary, making the spectrum suitable from beginners to advanced. In the gym or outdoors, we utilize both traditional and non-traditional equipment. From dumb bells to sandbags, barbells […]

18 . 01 . 2018 by tbkconsulting

Muscle Up

This strength workout is designed to condition the entire body using resistance exercises to develop muscular strength. Weights, balls, and more may be used during this multi-level class.

18 . 01 . 2018 by tbkconsulting

Silver Fitness

This class is designed for older adults and is mostly performed in a chair, although some standing exercises may be incorporated. Tubing and other equipment may be used to improve strength, flexibility and balance. 30 Minute Class

18 . 01 . 2018 by tbkconsulting


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will enhance athletic capacity and fat burning with bursts of high energy exercise followed by active recovery to improve endurance and build strength. Class may include cardiovascular and strength exercises.